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Serdi Components

(See also Precision Engineering)

for use in engines being rebuilt or prepared for road, track & competition

Through our work over many years preparing part and complete engines we have developed a range of components which we are pleased to offer for those who seek reliability and efficiency. In many cases these may look similar to other components but through our years of experience we have developed the knowledge to be able to specify the slight variations which can make all the difference.

Currently our range of components includes

For those with SERDI machines, pre-formed carbide tools for cutting valve seat profiles are also available.

We are constantly expanding this range to meet developing requirements: we will be pleased to discuss your individual requirements.

For clients wishing us to undertake part work on major components we also offer a supply and fit service for these items

Orders may be placed by ‘phone, fax or e mail. We have credit card payment facilities for non-account customers