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COMEC of Italy

SERDI UK and Comec of Italy natural partners, both family based businesses having been in existences since the 1960s with the majority of this serving the engine remanufacturing industry.

Today Comec has established their position at the forefront of machinery manufacturers for this market, producing a wide range of cost effective machines for reconditioning engines and brake parts.

The quality of their products is assured through close production control and all machines manufactured entirely in-house. Technical design and other key departments are all under the same roof, so constant product improvement based upon technical advances and most importantly customer feed-back is easily and promptly implemented.

The cost effectiveness of their machines not only results from their production techniques but also their understanding of user requirements. This results in supremely versatile machines such as the RC750 which can be used in the reconditioning of brake discs and drums, cylinder heads, engine blocks and flywheels – all in a single machine.

These benefits result in strong demand from around the world for Comec’s machinery. Today more than 70% of the 1200 machines produced annually at their 10,000 sq metre factory in Northern Italy are exported. This is backed by their extensive distribution network which continues to be based upon technical expertise and the highest standards of customer service.

And since those are the qualities upon which customers of SERDI UK have been experiencing for many years, Comec and their products is indeed a natural partner.

Product range

Primarily for reconditioning brake equipment

  • RP 330 Cylinder head resurfacing machine (with swing head)
  • RP 1000 Cylinder head & block resurfacing machine
  • RP 1300 Cylinder head & block resurfacing machine for cars and trucks
  • RTV 530 Flywheel & clutch pressure plate grinder
  • RTV 600 Flywheel & clutch pressure plate grinder for trucks & c.v.
  • RTV 612 Flywheel & clutch pressure plate grinder with high output motor
  • RV 516 Centreless valve refacing machine
  • AC 80 Cylinder boring machine for small engine blocks
  • AC 180 Vertical boring machine for car & truck engine blocks
  • ACF 200 Combined boring & resurfacing machines for cylinder blocks
  • LEV 125 Honing machine for motorcycle & car engine blocks
  • VPT 130 Cylinder head & block pressure tester
  • LBM 850 Line boring machine for cars & light trucks
  • BST 860 Cylinder head work station

Comec AC170

Other machines in the Comec range

  • TD 302 On car brake disc lathe
  • TD 502 On truck brake disc lathe
  • TR 450 Brake disc, drum (& clutch plate) lathe
  • TR 505 Brake disc & drum lathe for cars, vans & light trucks
  • TR 1000 HD brake disc & drum lathe for cars and trucks
  • TR 1500 HD brake disc, drum & flywheel lathe for cars & trucks
  • TR 2000 HD brake disc& drum lathe for trucks, commercial vehicles and cars
  • RC 750 All in one head, block, disc & drum brake plus flywheel reconditioning machine

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