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Honingtec S.A.

Manufacturers of honing machines, stones & accessories

Since the Company's foundation in 1978, Honingtec S.A. has grown to be a leader in the field of honing machines and materials for industrial applications. Today they have two factories in central Catalonia, Spain each specialising in honing machines and abrasives respectively.

A comprehensive range of machines of varying capabilities and sophistication is offered for a wide range of applications. Similary so with their range of abrasives with a wide range of materials offered in both vitrified and resin bonded form. Honingtec adhere to tehir belief that although it is important to have a honing machine of the quality they produce it is just as important if not more so to use a good abrasive - and one which is suited to the material being worked. As with all machines offered by SERDI UK, back up and technical advice is available.

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