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SERDI UK Soda blast cabinet

The efficient cleaning of major components by blasting is an important part of any engineering process involving previously used components.

SERDI UK Soda blast cabinet The removal of built up residue in oil lines or scale and rust in water ways is essential along with providing clean metal surfaces for remedial and refitting work in engines blocks, cylinder heads, gearboxes, diesel pumps and other major components.

However, different blast materials can change the hardness and stress structure in those surfaces being cleaned by quite literally shot peening them - which is not always desirable. Furthermore, although unwanted material may be satisfactorily removed, problems may result if all the blast medium fails to be removed subsequently.

This in turn can do as much if not even more harm with a mere pinch of unwanted bead or grain capable of inflicting severe damage on an otherwise perfectly rebuilt engine.

Soda is a blasting medium which offers significant advantages by being sufficiently abrasive for cleaning without changing the metal surface. Unlike other usual blasting media, the soda breaks down on impact becoming little more than a fine powder: this in turn further assists the process as it is easily dissolved in subsequent washing.

Further benefits of quicker turn round times and greater efficiency are offered as components no longer have to be stripped down so comprehensively to ensure every last vestige of the blast medium can be removed. This makes it particularly suitable for the quick cleaning of major components for instance aluminium cylinder heads.

Soda blast cabinet

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