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Entry level valve seat & guide cutting machine

The new SERDI 1.0 AD is a 'point of entry', budget model developed principally for the repair of small, multivalve cylinder heads, as found in motorcycle, go-kart and small marine outboard engines. Taking up little workshop space with a mere 1400 by 900 mm footprint, (2000 mm height) this simple to use machine has a machining capacity range of 14 to 40 mm.

The machine bed has been designed for maximum rigidity but is of sufficient size to accommodate multiple units arranged in line for high productivity yet accurate machining.This is further simplified by the fact that the machine bed features an air-float fixture system for rapid head alignment, dual air-float centring system and integrated spindle motor with infinitely variable speed range. All these features combine to ensure that the results from this 'entry level' machine meet the high standards for which SERDI equipment is renowned and are required with high revving modern motorcycle and similar engines.

  • entry level machine offering outstanding value, with uncompromised precision & accuracy
  • ideal for multi-valve heads from modern passenger cars & other small engines
  • features patented, air-float centering technology & high torque spindle motor
  • pneumatic locking table bars

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