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Balancing equipment from HINES INDUSTRIES of USA

Hines Industries of USA have established themselves as leaders of balancing machinery for reciprocating components, particularly for the high performance racecar equipment market. Their equipment incorporates digital control technology and although the range includes competitively priced machines, this is not achieved by cutting corners.

A range of accessories and spare parts are available and as with all machines supplied by SERDI UK their clients benefit from local back-up, training expertise only available from fellow professionals with hands-on experience of these machines.

Three main models are offered, each providing greater sophistication.


An entry-level ctankshaft balancing machine which nonetheless delivers high performance and accuracy. It now features digital control technology. Various options are available.


A rugged hard-bearing suspension machine that gives high sensitivity and permanent calibration. Part set ups are menu driven and with the drill option allows fast on-machine corrections to be made with the balancer calculating the amount, angle and multiple-hole corrections.


The latest in crankshaft balancing technology, the revolutionary design of the Lioberator results in a workstation for all balance operations. New rod and piston corrections can be done without leaving the machine which includes a workstation which incorporates a large working area with storage cupboard. Importantly this includes a colour 19 flat screen monitor and custom keyboard tray. All electronic components are mounted in a slide tray in this cabinet which can be completely removed for servicing. A range of options and accessories are offered for the basic Liberator machine.

Balancing equipment

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