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Programmable automatic machining system

Serdi 6.0The latest version of the 6.0 series, which SERDI UK Limited launched in the UK in 2001, incorporates the 2002 model range features including the latest generation of SERDI's own design of spindle together with all the technologically advanced features which deliver the precision for which SERDI is renowned, combined with a fully programmable computer system.

This enables single or even multiple cylinder head valve guides to be reamed and seat profiles machined in a single operation. This new machining system has been designed for modern multivalve automotive applications with 1390 mm upper bed and long table bars for large or multi-head fixing.

Machine operations are facilitated by the touch screen. Simple data acquisition enables prime dimensions and operating data to be recalled speedily from the computer memory. The spindle and workhead are then moved in three dimensions under computer control. This, combined with SERDI's proven laser controlled machining depth, ensures consistent, quality results can be obtained with minimal operator input. This makes the SERDI 6.0 automatic valve seat machining system ideal for the production processing and line repair of common components.

These are combined in the SERDI 6.0 with the other features which the serious engine re-manufacturer, works competition department and engine developer have come to expect for SERDI's unmatched centering sensitivity & accuracy. These include specially designed tooling to reduce cutting forces and SERDI's patented floating spindle system.

The latter ensures perfect centering of each seat by aligning with its individual valve guide, not the machine bed. This even applies to the thinner valve stems below 4mm /0.16" diameter encountered in modern head design. To maintain such high precision throughout the machining process, their constant torque, infinitely variable 0 - 1200 rpm spindle motor is integral with the drive shaft thereby providing minimal workhead inertia.

Although the SERDI 6.0 is, as with all their machines, backed by SERDI (UK)'s technical support and expertise, its computer system includes a catalogue of consumable parts assisting maximum productivity and precision to be maintained through planned preventative maintenance.

  • incorporates all technologically advanced SERDI features plus fully programmable computer system
  • single / multi valve guides reamed & seat profiles machines in single operation
  • ideal for production processing & line repair of common components
  • consistent, quality results achieved with minimal operator input

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