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SERDI Profile

Single point tooling, valve seat machining centre with touch screen input

The new SERDI Profile machine cuts new ground with major new technology which has been developed by SERDI principally for engine preparation and competition workshops. Infinite variations of valve seat profile can be made using with the SERDI Profile's single point tooling.

As well as dramatically speeding the process, this enables important development work to be undertaken completely in-house, without the risk of any third party knowing the profiles being developed.

Instead of the traditional method of the cutting tool being formed to the required profile - usually involving delay, especially when special profiles are involved - details of the valve seat profile are simply entered via the touch screen. Machining speeds and cutting depths are then similarly entered following which machining can begin, with the specially designed tool tip cutting the seat to the programmed profile.

The SERDI Profilee has been designed to accommodate cylinder heads normally encountered in competition use - including straight six configurations - having a 1400 mm long bed and machining capacity of 14 to 120 mm. Working with even the largest cylinder heads is, however, simplified and speeded by the inclusion of SERDI's air floated table bars. These enable the cylinder head to be quickly and precisely positioned on the machine bed before being instantly clamped by the heavy duty pneumatic system, thereby increasing productivity whilst decreasing operator fatigue.

As with all SERDI valve seat machining systems, the SERDI Profile incorporates their patented triple air-float automatic workhead centering system and integral spindle motor. As well as ensuring perfect centering of each valve seat by aligning with its respective valve guide (not just the overall head face), the combination of flat and spherical air cushions also ensures angular alignment with the valve guide.

The high torque Siemens motor is, as usual on SERDI valve seat machining systems, integral with the spindle to minimise workhead inertia. This has an infinitely variable speed range of 0 - 1200 rpm and accurate speed of the variable, single point tooling provided as standard with the SERDI Profile is ensured by the digital read-out.

  • all new machine with all latest SERDI technology, developed principally for engine preparation & competition workshops
  • infinite variations of seat profile can be made with standard tooling - pre-formed cutting tools eliminated
  • designed for normal competition cylinder heads, having 14 - 120 mm machining capacity and 1400 mm long bed
  • design criteria - profile; machine speeds; cutting depth etc - simply entered via touch screen

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