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SERDI Millenium S3.0 (Large)

Valve Seat & Guide Cutting Machine

Serdi Millenium S3.0This no-nonsense machine has a useful machining capacity of 14 - 60 mm. Designed for modern multivalve motorcycle and automotive applications, the 1390 mm upper bed and long table bars facilitate the fixing of longer or even multiple heads.

Even with such large workpieces, the overall design of this rugged machine plus tooling specially designed to reduce cutting forces provide ample rigidity for high precision results.

All this is combined with the patented air-float system which ensures perfect centering of each seat by aligning with its individual valve guide, not the machine bed. This even applies to the thinner valve stems below 4mm /0.16" diameter encountered in modern head design.

To maintain such high precision throughout the machining process, the spindle motors is integral with the drive shaft thereby providing minimal workhead inertia. These features,combined with the use of constant torque motors with Siemens control, all ensure SERDI valve seat and guide machines deliver results of unmatched accuracy.

  • a rugged, no-nonsense machine
  • useful 14 - 60 mm machining capacity
  • designed for modern multivalve motorcycle & automotive heads
  • 1390 mm upper bed with long table bars

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