Machinery & Workshop Equipment

The Company has for many years held the UK agency of French manufacturer MACHINES SERDI S.A., recognized worldwide as a leading producer of cylinder head and valve seat machinery.

But there’s so much more…

A carefully selected range of machines and equipment for professional engine remanufacturers and preparation workshops including those for boring; honing; surfacing; valve seat & guide cutting; valve refacing; dynamic balancing; pressure testing; component blasting, cleaning and washing from leading manufacturers…

Leading manufacturers


A long established producer of machines for the engine reconditioning trade, crankshaft grinding, boring and surfacing machines for medium to large commercial engines.


Pressure testers for cylinder heads and blocks, boring machines, flywheel grinders and other specialist equipment principally for the engine reconditioning trade.


This Italian producer manufactures a wide range of machines at their extensive factory in Porcia. Cylinder block boring, flywheel grinding, valve refacing and pressure testing machines.


As this Spanish Company’s name suggests, it specialises in the production of honing machinery and equipment, including tooling and honing stones.

Regis Manufacturing

American range of machine shop supplies for engine builders and workshops.

T and S Machines and Tools

From Pro-Bal dynamic balancing equipment through to their latest CNC ‘Blueprinting’ machine for in-line, & vee configuration engines. T & S Machines from Texas USA has the boring, machining and balancing centres for all levels of requirements.


Ultrasonic cleaning is the highly efficient and economic for cleaning engines and components to allow detailed examination and subsequent machining. The results of their specialisation in this field has now established the Spanish Company as a leader in this field with a range of powerful machines as well as specialist units produced at its new, extensive facility in Valencia.



Clients for all machines we supply receive technical support with expert back-up from SERDI UK’s own personnel for planned maintenance, routine servicing or emergency repairs. Major spares and consumables (such as tools, cutting tips, valve guides and seats etc.) are held in stock.

And there’s still much more…

As we use several key machines from our range in our own workshop, this puts us in a strong position to advise on these. It also enables techniques to be demonstrated and specific technical issues to be evaluated with clients on the type of machines they are considering, thereby helping them to assess them for their particular applications.