UltraTecno is one of the best ultrasonic cleaning companies of ultrasound technology.  Since the beginning of its operations in 1964 the company has relied upon the latest technological advances to improve the ultrasound equipment, distributed worldwide.

Automotive series has been specifically designed for the cleaning and degreasing of all type of parts and components in Automotive industry.  It achieves excellent cleaning results in many types of materials, especially in complex parts, where the ultrasounds have excellent results thanks to its high penetration capacity.  Thus, the results while cleaning automobile engines are spectacular, even in those smaller and delicate parts.

Lowest energy consumption.  Exclusive and patented system.

The Automotive series uses 28 kHz frequency with which the best results for the Automotive Sector are achieved.  Highest frequency levels (60-90 kHz) are less powerful, and are used for different applications with lower levels of dirt or more delicate materials (optical lenses, electronics, carburetor, etc.)