About Us

Valve Seat Inserts 

We supply cast and sintered material valve seat inserts, both in two different specifications for unleaded and heavy duty/LPG applications. Valve seat bar is available for unusual size requirements in unleaded material.


Manganese Bronze Valve Guides

For classic vehicles such as Ferrari, Porsche, and Jaguar. Oversize valve guides are available for some models where the cylinder head has been damaged. A range of valve guide blanks are offered for "one-off" repair jobs.


Workshop Tooling & Consumables

Cutting tools including CBN & PCD refacing tips, honing equipment, reamers and grinding segments. Hand tools and part baskets.


Vintage & Classic Engine Components

Hard to find engine parts for vehicles ranging from the 1940's to the present day. Pistons, crankshaft bearings, piston ring sets, cylinder liners  and ring gears.


Workshop Machinery & Spares 

Quality workshop equipment and spares for engine reconditioners and machine shops. 


All we supply is based on our own experience - a much over-used word in this field but not in this case. We have first-hand experience of vintage, historic and modern engines for road or competition use. SERDI UK personnel honed their skills on many engines which are as successful today in historic motorsport as they were when they first contributed to their original successes.