Serdi Profile





Extremely versatile machine for machining any kind of cylinder heads from small motorcycle to large stationarly engine.
Redesigned and FEA optimized cast iron machine base for improved rigidity
Machining capacity from dia. 14 to 120 mm and way more with special tooling.

Built-in spindle motor and triple air-flaot centering system. Minimal floating parts inertia (30 % lighter than previous generation) and maximal floatation for unmathed centering sensitivity.
Intake and exhaust seats can be performed simultaneously without tool holder changes.
3 kW built-in spindle-motor with maximum torque from 0 to 3000 rpm.

High machining accuracy even at low speed thanks to a direct drive transmission.
Latest generation Siemens CNC, drives and motors. User friendly software on a multi-touch screen. U axis with 22 mm radius
Z axis (vertical) stroke of 120 mm